Publications of the years 2013-2017

Tzschentke, B.; Bogatyrev, S.; Schellong, K.; Rancourt, R.C.; Plagemann, A.:
Temporary prenatal hyperglycemia leads to postnatal neuronal 'glucose-resistance' in the chicken hypothalamus.
Brain Res (2015); 1618:231-240.
Rancourt, R.C.; Schellong, K.; Ott, R.; Bogatyrev, S.; Tzschentke, B.; Plagemann, A.:
Acquired alterations of hypothalamic gene expression of insulin and leptin receptors and glucose transporters in prenatally high-glucose exposed three-week old chickens do not coincide with aberrant promoter DNA methylation.
PLoS ONE (2015); 10:e0119213.
Xu, H.; Bionaz, M.; Sloboda, D.M.; Ehrlich, L.; Li, S.; Newnham, J.P.; Dudenhausen, J.W.; Henrich, W.; Plagemann, A.; Challis, J.R.; Braun, T.:
The dilution effect and the importance of selecting the right internal control genes for RT-qPCR: a paradigmatic approach in fetal sheep.
BMC Res Notes (2015); 8:58.
Nassar, M.; Halle, I.; Plagemann, A.; Tzschentke, B.:
Detection of long-term influence of prenatal temperature stimulation on hypothalamic type-II iodothyronine deiodinase in juvenile female broiler chickens using a novel immunohistochemical amplification protocol.
Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol (2015); 179:120-4.
Shang, H.; Meng, W.; Sloboda, D.M.; Li, S.; Ehrlich, L.; Plagemann, A.; Dudenhausen, J.W.; Henrich, W.; Newnham, J.P.; Challis, J.R.; Braun, T.:
Effects of maternal dexamethasone treatment early in pregnancy on glucocorticoid receptors in the ovine placenta.
Reprod Sci (2015); 22:534-44.
Braun, T.; Meng, W.; Shang, H.; Li, S.; Sloboda, D.M.; Ehrlich, L.; Lange, K.; Xu, H.; Henrich, W.; Dudenhausen, J.W.; Plagemann, A.; Newnham, J.P.; Challis, J.R.:
Early dexamethasone treatment induces placental apoptosis in sheep.
Reprod Sci (2015); 22:47-59.
Li, S.; Sloboda, D.M.; Moss, T.J.; Nitsos, I.; Polglase, G.R.; Doherty, D.A.; Newnham, J.P.; Challis, J.R.; Braun, T.:
Effects of glucocorticoid treatment given in early or late gestation on growth and development in sheep.
J Dev Orig Health Dis 2013; 4:146-56.
Schellong, K.; Neumann, U.; Rancourt, R.C.; Plagemann, A.:
Increase of long-term 'diabesity' risk, hyperphagia, and altered hypothalamic neuropeptide expression in neonatally overnourished 'small-for-gestational-age' (SGA) rats.
PLoS ONE (2013); 8:e78799.
Braun, T.; Husar, A.; Challis, J.R.; Dudenhausen, J.W.; Henrich, W.; Plagemann, A.; Sloboda, D.M.:
Growth restricting effects of a single course of antenatal betamethasone treatment and the role of human placental lactogen.
Placenta (2013); 34:407-415.

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