Clinical and epidemiological studies - short profile

Clinical-epidemiological study design:
Design and analysis of cohort studies and case-control studies (i.e. nested case control), including anthropometry, creating birth weight percentiles and twin studies;


Meta-analyzes of observational studies (including meta-regression, sensitivity analysis, heterogeneity analyzes, various bias);

Statistical models:

Parametric and non-parametric comparisons, univariate and multivariate linear, non-linear and logistic regression, survival analyzes (Kaplan-Meier, Cox regression), etc.


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Responsible for clinical and epidemiological studies

Dr. med. Thorsten Braun

Dr. rer. medic. Karen Schellong

Dr. med. Jens H. Stupin

Research database

For more details please use the Charité undefinedresearch database.