Histology and Microscopic Image Analyses - Short Profile

Histology / morphometry:

Conventional and immunohistochemical staining, especially hypothalamic and placental serial sections (paraffin and frozen sections), followed by stereology and computerized morphometry using microscopic image analysis:


Opens external link in current windowProgramming' of orexigenic and anorexigenic hypothalamic neurons in offspring of treated and untreated diabetic mother rats.

Topographic - volumes, area percentages, total cell count, fetal-maternal exchange surface (placenta)

Cellular - numerical density, optical density, nuclear size, cell and cytoplasm size, nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio

Nissle +, GFAP +, NPY +, CCK-8S +, galanin +, AGRP + CRF +, TH +, POMC +, alpha-MSH +, C4-Res +, leptin-Res +, Insulin-Res +, HPL +, GR +, GRalpha +, caspase 3 +, vWF +.

Placental stereology (cell counting, Feto-maternal exchange area, volume).




Responsible for Histology and Microscopic Image Analyses

Dr. med. Thorsten Braun

Dipl. vet. med. Kerstin Melchior

Loreen Ehrlich

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