Molecular Biology and Epigenetics - Short Profile

Specifying in the hypothalamus and/or individual core areas ("punch-out", laser microdissection from the histological section) and in placental tissue from rat, sheep, and/or human:

qRT-PCR (real-time):
LR, IR, POMC, NPY, AGRP, galanin, GLUT-1, 3, 11ßHSD-1/2, VEGF, hPL, OPL, GR, IGF-1, 2, PEPCK, G6Pase, caspase-3.

DNA methylation:
tissue-and cell-specific methylation status of selected promoters (eg, NPY, POMC, IR) using bisulfite modification, cloning and pyrosequencing.

In Situ Hybridization:

Method: CNS tissue (POMC, GR, PC-1, PC-2)

Research database

For more details please use the Charité undefinedresearch database.