Publikationen der Jahrgänge 2008-2012

Landmann, E.M.; Schellong, K.; Melchior, K.; Rodekamp, E.; Ziska, T.; Harder, T.; Plagemann, A.:
Short-term regulation of the hypothalamic melanocortinergic system under fasting and defined glucose-refeeding conditions in rats: a lasercapture microdissection (LMD)-based study.
Neurosci Lett (2012); 515:87-91.
Li, S.; Nitsos, I.; Polglase, G.R.; Braun, T.; Moss, T.J.; Newnham, J.P.; Challis, J.R.:
The effects of dexamethasone treatment in early gestation on hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal responses and gene expression at seven months postnatal age in sheep.
Reprod Sci (2012); 19:260-270.
Non, A.L.; Binder, A.M.; Barault, L.; Rancourt, R.C.; Kubzansky, L.D.; Michels, K.B.:
DNA methylation of stress-related genes and LINE-1 across the healthy human placenta.
Placenta (2012); 33:183-187.
Rancourt, R.C.; Harris, H; Michels, K.B.:
Methylation levels at imprinting control regions are not altered with ovulation induction or in vitro fertilization in a birth cohort..
Hum Reprod. (2012); 27:2208-2216.
Braun, T.; Li, S.; Moss, T.J.; Connor, K.L.; Doherty, D.A.; Nitsos, I.; Newnham, J.P.; Challis, J.R.; Sloboda, D.M.:
Differential appearance of placentomes and expression of prostaglandin H synthase type 2 in placentome subtypes after betamethasone treatment of sheep late in gestation.
Placenta (2011); 32:295-303.
Plagemann, A.; Roepke, K.; Harder, T.; Brunn, M.; Harder, A.; Wittrock-Starr, M.; Ziska, T.; Schellong, K.; Rodekamp, E.; Melchior, K.; Dudenhausen, J.W.:
Epigenetic malprogramming of the insulin receptor promotor due to developmental overfeeding.
J Perinat Med (2010); 38:393-400.
Braun, T.; Li, S.; Sloboda, D.M.; Li, W.; Audette, M.C.; Moss, T.J.; Matthews, S.G.; Polglase, G.; Nitsos, I.; Newnham, J.P.; Challis, J.R.:
Effects of maternal dexamethasone treatment in early pregnancy on pituitary-adrenal axis in fetal sheep.
Endocrinology (2009); 150:5466-77.
Plagemann, A.; Harder, T.; Brunn, M.; Harder, A.; Roepke, K.; Wittrock-Starr, M.; Ziska, T.; Rodekamp, E.; Melchior, K.; Dudenhausen, J.W.:
Hypothalamic POMC promoter methylation becomes altered by early overfeeding: An epigentic model of obesity and the metabolic syndrome.
J Physiol (2009); 587:4963-4976.
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Chimeric mouse tumor models reveal distinct pathway activation between ERBB family and KRAS dependent lung adenocarcinomas.
Nature Biotech (2009); 28:71-78.
Braem, C.; Recolin, B.; Rancourt, R.C.; Angiolini, C.; Branchu, P.; Court, F.; Cathala, G.; Ferguson-Smith, A.C.; Forné, T.:
Genomic matrix attachment region and chromosome conformation capture quantitative real time PCR assays identify novel putative regulatory elements at the imprinted Dlk1/Gtl2 locus.
J Biol Chem (2008); 283:18612-18620.
Neitzke, U.; Harder, T.; Schellong, K.; Melchior, K.; Ziska, T.; Rodekamp, E.; Dudenhausen, J.W.; Plagemann, A.:
Intrauterine Growth Restriction in a Rodent Model and Developmental Programming of the Metabolic Syndrome: A Critical Appraisal of the Experimental Evidence.
Placenta (2008); 29:246-254.


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